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Tegricel® is a blend of the immunoglobulins that support passive immunity and the elimination of potentially harmful bacteria and antigens before they have an opportunity to enter into blood, tissue, and organs, and immune supportive compounds allowing multi-facetted mechanisms of actions to support mucosal immune protection and healthy gut integrity.
Immune Protection
Tegricel® was developed to provide a unique blend of key bioactive compounds. Tegricel® is enriched with compounds involved in both active and passive immune protection. Adding Tegricel® may increase the consistency of any digestive health formula in helping promote intestinal health as it has demonstrated the ability to increase the migration of surviving intestinal cells to re-establish epithelial integrity. It also has shown statistically significant reduction in macroscopic intestinal injury and reduction in microscopic intestinal injury as well as improved minor health complaints after three months of consumption.
  • Tegricel® has been shown in trials to reduce inflammation due to the use of NSAIDs and other bowel related conditions.
  • Studies have shown the ability of Tegricel® to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • Tegricel's unique blend of bioactives in specified levels works to achieve maximum benefit to the consumer.
Digestive Health
Tegricel® has shown its ability to increase the speed of repair and strength in multiple intestinal repair pathways. The composition of immunoglobulins, bioactive proteins and growth factors makes it a strong ingredient to support digestive health. on the graph to the right, the migration of gut epithelial cells increased when treated with Tegricel® (1 mg/mL). This was seen 4 hours after injury. The repair happened faster in the presence of Tegricel®.