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Roxlor specializes in unique patented ingredients with scientific backing. Our areas of expertise include Prebiotics, Solubilized Keratin, Anti-Aging Ingredients, Soy Based ingredients, Antioxidants and Enzymes.
Roxlor specializes in identifying and commercializing unique nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients that can conveniently contribute to one's overall health through natural supplementation. Our products represent some of nature's most beneficial ingredients using manufacturing processes without harsh chemicals and solvents to maximize their natural benefits and bioavailability.

All of Roxlor's ingredients have been extensively tested to ensure their safety, quality and efficacy using only qualified testing facilities in North America and Europe. All of ingredients are unique, protected by intellectual property and available exclusively through Roxlor.

In addition to its own research laboratories in Europe, Roxlor maintains a staff of qualified experts to provide consultation on all aspects of dietary supplement ingredients from U.S. and worldwide regulatory issues and labeling requirements, to formulation and processing, and much more. Roxlor also utilizes the facilities available to us through our partners in Europe, the United States, Asia and New Zealand to further our development of novel nutraceutical ingredients.

In addition, to a large selection of commercially available products, our partners' laboratories stand prepared to apply their extensive experience and research to providing custom solutions for your specific requirements.